Supernatural Star Misha Collins Raising Money To Buy Donald Trump’s Internet History To Hit Back At The Cray Law Congress Just Passed!

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Donald Trump has fought hard to keep his own information confidential.

But when it comes to compromising the private information of others, the prickly POTUS don’t give a fuck!

Washington lawmakers have taken this a step further, however, recently voting for a new resolution to turn the public’s private data into a very valuable commodity!

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Thankfully, TV angel (and real life angel, apparently) Misha Collins is hitting back at the man with the power of crowdfunding — urging citizens to band together to buy the privacy of America’s top politicians, including the Big Cheeto himself!

The Supernatural actor created a GoFundMe campaign to fight back at the law, writing in the description:

“Congress recently voted to strip Americans of their privacy rights by voting for SJR34, a resolution that allows Internet Service Providers to collect, and sell your sensitive data without your consent or knowledge. Since Congress has made our privacy a commodity, let’s band together to buy THEIR privacy.”

Hell yeah!!!!

The fund goal is an overwhelming $500 Million, but the campaign has already wracked up an impressive $80,000 in just 2 days! Collins explained the campaign funds will “pay to purchase the data of Donald Trump and every Congressperson who voted for SJR34, and to make it publicly available.”

On Monday, the House of Representatives voted to repeal a law implemented by the Obama administration that required Internet Service Providers have permission before sharing personal information.

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This was to prevent service providers from gaining access to customers’ internet browsing data for marketing use. Though even with the repeal, carriers are still not allowed to sell the web histories of individuals… for now.

So, this might actually pose a problem for Collins’ goal to tap the Internet histories of government legislators. But don’t worry — unlike Trump, the actor has a plan B, writing:

“Proceeds from this campaign will be used to buy Congress’ data once it becomes available. If that is impossible for any reason or if there is a surplus from this campaign, 100% of the balance of proceeds will go to the ACLU to help them continue to fight for our privacy rights.”

Sounds like these funds will be put to good use no matter what!

As for your Internet browsing history, be prepared to get a lot more ads targeted toward the weird shit you’ve been Googling.

[Image via CNN/WENN.]

Mar 31, 2017 3:30pm PDT

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