Recent Hollywood Burglaries Linked To Local Gang Activity — Deets HERE!

emmy rossum robbed gang activity

Celebrities are getting robbed left and right in El Lay these days.

As we previously reported, Emmy Rossum became the latest robbery victim as robbers made off with $150,000 in jewelry taken last week from a safe in her home. The Shameless actress joins Alanis Morissette and Nicki Minaj on the long list of celebs who’ve been robbed.

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So who is responsible for nabbing the jewels and goods from our favorite stars?? Well, according to the Associated Press, local gangs are likely the culprits for the recent Hollywood B&Es. While the authorities can’t confirm that a single group is conducting the robberies, investigators believe the crimes are being committed by members of the same street gang, the Rollin’ 30s Harlem.

It’s said the gang members’ day starts the same everyday. Apparently, gang leaders pick four or five individuals (out of a pool of around 100) to dress up and drive over to fancy neighborhoods in order to search out prime targets.

This type of planned robbery is called “flocking,” as the group flocks like birds to wealthy neighborhoods looking for prey. And they certainly know what they’re doing too.

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As the report highlighted, the selected crew members simply walk up to the front door of the targeted home, knock, and break in if no one answers the door. If an alarm doesn’t go off, the team beelines to the master bedroom in the hunt of “cash, jewelry, and weapons.” To make matters worse, the thieves are usually out in three minutes. DAYUMMM!

And while the culprits aren’t targeting celebrities in particular, they do know what they are looking for. Police Detective William Dunn explained:

“They are looking for homes where they think there’s a lot of jewelry inside, BMWs, Mercedes, brand-new cars in the driveway.”

So it’s kind of by accident that all of these stars have had their belongings swiped. The culprits are smart too, as the crews rotate through neighborhoods so they aren’t detected by neighbors. Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Michael Maher noted:

“These gangs have become more sophisticated, and flocking is a large portion of that. It is sort of evolving what was a street-level thug. We see high-level gang members driving extremely expensive vehicles, wearing very nice clothing committing residential burglaries.”

Man, oh man. It sounds like everyone in Tinseltown needs to beef up their security systems!

[Image via Michael Boardman/WENN.]

Mar 31, 2017 11:40am PDT

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