Turns Out Trump CAN Still Profit Off His Business While Being President! Another POTUS Lie Revealed!

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At this point, we’re comfortable saying President Donald Trump IS a conflict of interest.

Since, you know, there’s nothing about the pussy grabbing POTUS that isn’t in conflict with his position as leader of the free world.

But apparently his business conflicts are more blatant than we thought!

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When Trump was about to take office in January, he touted a plan to remove the financial conflicts by separating himself from his business — creating a trust that his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump would run.

Of course, the media immediately stopped digging into that joke of a plan when later that same day news of #GoldenShowerGate broke. Too many scandals to cover!

That’s probably why almost no one noticed in February, when this clause was quietly added to the trust:

“The Trustees shall distribute net income or principal to Donald J. Trump at his request, as the Trustees deem necessary for his maintenance, support or uninsured medical expenses, or as the Trustees otherwise deem appropriate.”

“At his request.” In other words, whenever Drumpf wants his business profits, he can have them. He also has constant contact with the “Trustees” since they’re his sons.

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So where’s the separation that makes this NOT a conflict of interest???

(Also, we love the fact they added “or uninsured medical expenses” — almost like they knew there was a chance even Trump himself wouldn’t be covered by whatever dumpster fire they came up with to replace Obamacare.)

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The most important thing to note here is that there is absolutely nothing in the language requiring Trump to disclose ANY of his moves.

He can look into the business, be told everything, get paid, and he doesn’t even have to tell the American people.

As Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center senior fellow Steven Rosenthal tells ProPublica:

“For tax purposes, it’s as if the trust doesn’t exist at all.”

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Ugh. If he’s going to so clumsily pull the wool over the eyes of U.S. citizens, how can any other country trust him — or us??

Apr 3, 2017 4:04pm PDT

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