Paris Jackson Claps Back At A Body Shamer In The Best Way!

Paris Jackson issues a beautiful clapback at a hater.

Body shamers can get the hell out!

Paris Jackson beautifully clapped back at a hater who told her she had gained weight by basically owning it. We’re impressed!

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The 18-year-old sent out the message loud and clear that there’s no shame whatsoever in putting on a few pounds. The only shame is in bullying somebody about it!

She tweeted:

Hell yeah!

Her fans quickly rallied around her, though, pretty much overriding whatever the troll had hoped to accomplish by heaping their fave with praise.

BTW, that body shamer only had 34 followers and NO profile pic, so yeah, pretty much a nobody.

Paris came out on top of this one and always will!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 4, 2017 9:27am PDT

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