Susan Sarandon SLAMS Publicist For Creating Those Pesky Julia Roberts Feud Rumors — Oh Snap!

susan sarandon clarifies feud rumors

Susan Sarandon may currently star in Feud, but that doesn’t mean her life imitates her art.

In fact, on Sunday the A-lister decided to clear up a 20-year rumor that she feuded with Julia Roberts on the set of their flick Step-Mom. In case you forgot, back in the late ’90s rumors swirled that Miz Sarandon and Miz Roberts butted-heads while working on the comedy-drama.

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While both Julia and Susan previously denied the beef, the Thelma & Louise star recently slammed her publicist for starting the gossip all those years ago. She wrote:

How awful! In the old article Sarandon shared, the 70-year-old explained:

“If you make a movie with a male star, everyone assumes you’re fucking. If it’s a female star, everyone assumes you’re fighting.”

It’s a problem Susan is STILL dealing with today as she regularly gets asked if she and Feud costar Jessica Lange get along. The industry vet added:


And tbh, we’re not shocked to learn that any feud rumors involving Susan are B.S. We mean, who could hate Sarandon??

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Apr 4, 2017 4:28pm PST

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