Alec Baldwin Called Out For Lying About Underage Nikki Reed In His New Memoir!

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Playing Donald Trump may have gotten to Alec Baldwin‘s head.

At least that’s what multiple producers think after claiming the Boss Baby star straight up lied in his new memoir!

In the freshly published book Nevertheless, the actor alleged he was misled by producers about the age of his costar Nikki Reed when filming the 2006 indie dramedy, Mini’s First Time.

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Baldwin claimed he had words with producers after discovering the Twilight actress — whom he engaged in sex scenes with — was only 17 at the time, writing:

“I was forty-seven, and it never occurred to me to ask how old Nikki Reed was. When I found out, just as we finished, that she was seventeen, I flipped out on the producers, who had told me something different.”

Well, it turns out that little anecdote was a big ol’ page of FAKE NEWS, according to said producers who read a copy of Baldwin’s book!

Dana Brunetti, who produced the film along with Kevin Spacey and Evan Astrowsky, says that not only was Baldwin aware of his costar’s young age, but he never “flipped out” on producers like he claimed!

He told The Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s a lie. I read it and was like, ‘What the fuck.’ Of course he totally knew how old she was. That’s why there’s no nudity in the movie. He knew before we even cast the movie. I think he’s been method acting Trump too much and he doesn’t know the difference between fake news anymore.”

Damn, that’s a Weekend Update-style Baldwin burn!

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Coproducer Astrowsky also backed up Brunetti’s fact checking, suggesting the Saturday Night Live veteran watch the movie he starred in. He said:

“What Alec says happened is not accurate. I completely corroborate that. We were on set every day. The thing that Alec must remember is that Mini, played by Nikki, is a sophomore in high school. I don’t know what else to say, except Alec, watch the movie. As for yelling at us after the movie, it absolutely never happened.”

The film’s writer and director Nick Guthe even blasted Baldwin’s version of events, adding that Reed was actually even younger than he claimed:

“We all knew she was 16. When we discussed it at first, it was a question of meeting with her and making sure she was mature enough to handle the role. On the set, Nikki, being 16, would often speak quickly the way teenagers do, and Alec asked me about that at times because he had trouble understanding her, and I would remind him, ├óΓé¼╦£She’s 16.'”

Nevertheless, Brunetti would have ignored Baldwin’s false claims had the actor left the producers out of it — but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case:

“If he had just said, ‘I didn’t know her age,’ I would have thought, ‘He’s a liar,’ and let it go. But when he blamed the producers, I couldn’t let it go. It [makes us look like] we did something unethical or shady or hid something. It makes me look bad. It makes Evan look bad. Does he realize Kevin was a producer?”

Hmmm… falsely blaming others for his own ignorance? Now who does that remind us of?

Baldwin declined to comment, but it looks like he’s already lost credibility in the producers’ eyes. Astrowsky quipped:

“And here I was gonna vote for him for president in 2020. He just lost my vote.”


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Apr 5, 2017 1:08pm PDT

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