Lamest Boyfriend Ever Tries To Crowdfund An Engagement Ring — And FAILS!

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There are a lot of bad ways to propose, but we can’t think of any more undignified than trying to crowdfund the ring.

First off, assuming your S.O. has the Internet, you’re completely spoiling the magical moment of popping the question. #Surprise?

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Also, buying an engagement ring is SUPPOSED to hurt your wallet. It’s a sacrifice showing your commitment, symbolized in a shiny little accessory. Isn’t getting other people to foot the bill for it kind of defeating the gesture??

Alas, poor William Oliver probably isn’t too worried about those points — he’s too busy being humiliated by the fact his campaign is a massive failure!

He originally wrote on his GoFundMe page last week that he wants YOUR help in buying a ring for his girlfriend Alexandra:

“I’ve decided to get some help by making this a trending approach. This will raise awareness about the difference between the love we share and the love people have for us. Money for the engagement is your chance to get involved. I’ve heard everything from “I Love Yall” to “You need to put a Ring On It” etc etc.”

Um… Not from the strangers you’re asking for money you haven’t!

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The 30-year-old Atlanta native continues:

“After watching Talladega College raise over 400k to attend the Presidental Inauguration I became a devout believer in this method of raising money for things and people you love. By donating $5 dollars or more we can get this campaign trending. I need alot of people to donate a little amount NOT necessarily a little bit of people to donate alot of money. This campaign needs to TREND!”

Well, it’s trending now.

Mostly because after eight days William has managed to raise only $594 of his $15K goal. Ouch!

If you actually want to try to change William’s stars and get Alexandra the ring of her dreams — or as Oliver puts it, “one that WE ALL can be proud of” — you can do so HERE.

Apr 5, 2017 11:57pm PDT

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