Life Imitates Terrible Soda Art! A Portland Man Hands The Mayor A Can Of Pepsi During Courtroom Conflict!

A Portland man tries to settle things with Pepsi.

Looks like Pepsi can’t settle differences in the courtroom either.

An Oregon man named Carlos Enrique (above) handed Portland mayor Ted Wheeler a can of Pepsi during a city council meeting Wednesday, mimicking Kendall Jenner handing a can of the soft drink to a police officer during a protest in the original ad.

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It…didn’t go over well.

Enrique was in the midst of speaking about a city ordinance regarding tow boats when he began to go off topic, and Wheeler tried to get him back on track. That’s when Enrique walked right up to Wheeler and handed him a can of Pepsi. He then proceeded to drink from his own can.

The mayor wasn’t into it! He said:

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not a good move! Don’t do that again. Not a smart move. I do appreciate it, but don’t do that again. For your own safety, don’t do that, okay?”

Wheeler did sort of laugh the whole thing off as Enrique was escorted away by two policemen, though.

Guess soda can’t solve problems! A lesson peeps at Pepsi learned the very hard way!

Watch the clip (below)!

[Image via YouTube.]

Apr 6, 2017 9:52am PDT

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