Wow — Stephen Belafonte Blames Mel B For Making Sex Tape Drama Public!

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Who’s telling the truth??

As we reported, Mel B was granted a restraining order against her ex husband Stephen Belafonte on Monday after he allegedly abused her and extorted her into having threesomes with the threat of releasing their sex tapes.

On Friday, the Spice Girls singer received a court order where Belafonte cannot distribute said sex tapes, as well as any sexually explicit photographs of the 41-year-old musician.

That same day, the film producer shot back and claims his ex wife is the one who is creating the media frenzy!

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According to legal docs, Stephen claims Mel B is manufacturing the sex tape fiasco by putting it out there in the press! His lawyers say:

“[Mel B] herself put her sexual trysts and the like at issue by alleging that [Belafonte] allegedly videotaped and/or recorded such conduct and forced her to have sexual relations, etc.”

Apparently, right before the scandal broke, the Thank You For Smoking associate producer complied with her requests regarding custody and the couple’s finances. Then, out of nowhere, he began seeing reports about the abuse.

Not only has the British star completely cut off his money supply, she reportedly gave him an hour to pack his crap and leave while she watched “the entire charade in an SUV parked outside the residence.”

This drama doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon!

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Apr 7, 2017 8:46pm PST

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