Makeup Artist Comes Forward Alleging He Covered Up ‘Many’ Bruises And Injuries To Mel B Caused By Stephen Belafonte

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This is just awful.

As the divorce drama continues between Mel B and Stephen Belafonte, a new twist in the case has us feeling very sad for the artist today — and it all goes back to an alleged, repeated case of physical abuse.

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According to TMZ, Mel B’s longtime makeup artist has come forward alleging that for years, he has covered up with makeup many of the injuries caused to her by Stephen.

In fact, this is so serious, the makeup artist has even contacted Mel B’s lawyers with an offer to write a sworn declaration detailing the things he’s seen and heard over years of this kind of abuse.

Apparently, he “frequently” covered up facial and body bruises Mel B had, and she would confide to him as to the cause of the injuries, while lying to others on set.

Further, the makeup artist himself said he was threatened by Belafonte, too, after Mel B’s ex found out she had talked to the MUA about the bruises.

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Apparently, Belafonte would also withhold money from the makeup artist: don’t talk, or else you don’t get paid. Ugh.

The makeup artist, who is not named in the report, further alleges that he had seen first-hand Belafonte’s “aggressive and verbally abusive” actions towards Mel B and the children — even with Stephen going so far as to openly call Mel “disgusting and ugly.”


Belafonte has repeatedly denied any physical abuse, so we’ll see what comes of this, but he does have similar convictions on his record from his past, for whatever that’s worth.

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We’ll see if anything comes of this sworn declaration, but just altogether, this is horrible.

Sick to our stomachs — and so sad for Mel B. Ugh.

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Apr 8, 2017 11:19am PDT

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