Janet Jackson’s Split From Wissam Al Mana May Have HUGE Financial Implications — Here Are The Details

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Get ready, y’all — a LOT of money might end up changing hands due to Janet Jackson‘s split today from Wissam Al Mana.

You’ll remember that as we reported this morning, Jackson has left Al Mana and apparently intends to remain on her own in London. Various reports have the ex-pair co-parenting their child, while others say Janet is going to go it alone.

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But aside from the family implications that come first, here’s where things get really interesting: what happens to Al Mana’s *billion* dollars of net worth?!

The Qatari billionaire is crazy wealthy — and Jackson ain’t doing too bad herself, worth anywhere from an estimated $175 million to $250 million — but with all that money, and with as many years as the pair has been married, things may start to get sticky here.

According to TMZ, Jackson “almost certainly” had a prenup with Al Mana, but the outlet notes something very critical about those agreements: they are typically structured so that the payout is larger based on a longer marriage.

And in most general prenups, that means a five-year marker, and a ten-year marker — which, when each one is hit, more money is triggered into the pot for division during any potential divorce.

Now, let’s do the math and backtrack to when these two got married…

In February of 2013 — four years and two months ago — Jackson announced that the two had wed one year earlier.

Waaaaaaaait a minute…

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Granted, the five-year mark is a standard on most prenups, and may not be a part of this particular one — but it sure is eyebrow-raising when you think about it.

And oh yeah: these two just had a baby in January. That’ll no doubt impact things, too.

Guess we’ll soon see what legal maneuvering takes place!

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Apr 9, 2017 2:14pm PDT

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