Indian News Anchor Learns Her Husband Passed Away While Reporting Live About His Car Crash

indian reporter breaks own husbands death

What a horribly tragic scenario.

Over the weekend, an Indian news anchor learned of her husband’s death by reporting live about a fatal car accident. How devastating.

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IBC24‘s Supreet Kaur shockingly kept her composure as she reported the details of her own love’s car crash during a breaking news bulletin on April 8. As a reporter on the scene fed details to Kaur via a phone call, she slowly realized her husband, Harsad Kawade was a victim in the accident.

According to the reporter, three people out of a group of five traveling in a Renault Duster SUV in Pithara died earlier in the day. While Supreet’s colleague didn’t name any of the victims, the 28-year-old was able to piece together what happened. A senior editor at IBC24 told the Hindustan Times:

“She got a sense that it was her husband’s vehicle. She read the bulletin and only when she came out of the studio, she started calling her relatives.”

Apparently, the crew learned Kaur’s husband of only one year was one of the deceased victims during the news bulletin, but “did not have the courage” to tell her. Very fair — we’re not sure how we’d handle that situation.

To make matters worse, the truck driver who caused the accident allegedly sped off following the crash. Thankfully, the unnamed culprit has since been arrested. Many people have since praised the journalist’s professionalism and bravery amid this heartbreaking situation.

Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Raman Singh even took to Twitter and wrote:

Our thoughts are with the deceased’s loved ones during this trying time. Rest in peace.

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Apr 10, 2017 10:24am PDT

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