This Teen Who Just Wants Free Chicken Nuggets Is On Track To Beat Ellen DeGeneres!


This Nevada teen is coming for Ellen DeGeneres one RT at a time!

As you may remember, the talk show host broke the Internet back in 2014 when she shared a star-studded Oscars-night selfie — which garnered 3.4m retweets and stands as the most retweeted tweet ever.

Well, that record is close to being broken as 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson has already received over 2.5 million RTs on his quest for free nuggets for a year from Wendy’s. Yes, you read that correctly!

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It all started when the high schooler asked the fast food company how many retweets it would take for him to earn chicken nuggs for 365 days, to which the burger joint responded with the outrageous number of 18 million.

So Carter tweeted:

Despite the seemingly-impossible feat in front of him, Carter is NOT giving up — and other brands and public figures are stepping in to help the student achieve his dream!

Anything in the name of free food! LOLz!

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Ch-ch-check out in the insane response to #NuggsForCarter (below)!

Wow! The power of the Interwebs, y’all…

At this rate, Carter is well on his way to beating the daytime personality — and hopefully those nuggs!!!

So, we’ll just leave this here:

[Image via Twitter.]

Apr 11, 2017 2:44pm PDT

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