Fox Reporter Claims Her Hostile Workplace Lawsuit Led To Retaliation & Harassment

Lidia Curanaj amends original lawsuit against Fox.

Things just keep getting worse for Fox!

A reporter named Lidia Curanaj has amended a previous complaint against 21st Century Fox, bringing up the Bill O’Reilly controversy and claiming superiors retaliated against her after she filed a lawsuit citing a “misogynistic culture” at the company.

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In new court papers filed Monday, and reported on by The Hollywood Reporter, the woman, who works as a reporter at Fox affiliate Fox 5 in New York, stated that her station’s managing editor became overly concerned with her every move in an attempt to portray her as a bad employee after she filed the original suit.

For example, Curanaj claimed she was given permission to get her cell phone repaired after it stopped working during work hours, but then was admonished for doing so by Peter Facini, the station’s managing editor. In another instance, she was using the restroom (while pregnant and in her third trimester) when Facini began frantically looking for her and paged her over the intercom. However, when Curanaj returned to the newsroom she found that there was no breaking news and that another reporter had already been dispatched to the scene.

In her original lawsuit, Curanaj also complained of Roger Ailes, claiming she had been denied a full-time position because of her age and been rejected from a job at Fox because Ailes knew she wouldn’t “submit to him, sexually.”

The new complaint further brings up the O’Reilly drama in an attempt to reinforce the fact that there was a hostile environment at Fox. It states:

“Disturbingly, the allegations against O’Reilly are substantially similar to the claims against Ailes. Upon information and belief, Ailes knew of O’Reilly’s unlawful conduct but failed to discipline O’Reilly, as Ailes was busy engaging in the exact same behavior. Additionally, as with settlements involving Ailes, the same key executives would have been involved in the execution and disbursement of settlements involving O’Reilly. For example, such individuals include Mark Kranz, Dianne Brandi and Denise Collins.”

Moreover, Curanaj alleges her lawsuit was repeatedly mentioned in the newsroom in order to “alienate and ostracize her.” She also alleges that the station’s news director made disparaging comments against her, saying she “is a liar looking for a payout,” how “anyone who backs her up will go down too because she has no case,” and “she’s never going to get another job in TV again.”

Fucked up!

It’s obviously a big ole mess and Fox seriously needs to reevaluate its practices and workplace environment at all affiliates.

Get your act together!

[Image via Fox 5]

Apr 11, 2017 12:16pm PDT

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