Mel B Gets Restraining Order Against Nanny From Hell And Tries To Retrieve Sex Tape — But Leaves Empty Handed!

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WTF is up with these Hollywood nannies??

As we reported, in addition to accusing ex Stephen Belafonte of abuse, Mel B claims her former husband got their nanny (Lorraine Gilles) pregnant and forced her to get an abortion while the hired babysitter walked away with $300K of the Spice Girls singer’s money!

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To make matters worse, the nanny apparently has a storage locker full of photos of Mel’s late father, Spice Girls memorabilia, and her sex tape which Belafonte used to extort her!

According to new reports, Lorraine was actually a co-conspirator in Stephen’s plan! During one incident, when the America’s Got Talent host was about to fire her, Stephen jumped in and said he would release the tapes if the nanny wasn’t rehired with a raise! WTF??

On Tuesday, Miz Brown obtained a restraining order against Gilles — where she has to stay 100 yards away from the pop star — and also received a court order to obtain her belongings from the storage locker.

When Melanie tried to go to Public Storage, the facility REFUSED to let her in! After going to the cops, she returned and searched the locker, but absolutely nothing was there. No sex tapes, no memorabilia, no nothing!

Geesh! This divorce drama has more plot twists than a movie!

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Apr 11, 2017 9:36pm PDT

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