Stephen Belafonte Wants Legal Visitation Rights For Mel B’s Daughter… With Eddie Murphy!!

stephen wants visitation with angel murphy

Mel B‘s divorce drama won’t be over anytime soon.

On Tuesday, it was reported that the Spice Girls alum’s allegedly abusive ex is trying to gain the legal right to maintain a relationship with not only his kid with the X Factor judge, but with her other daughter too. Oh no!

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After Mel B moved for sole custody of her daughter (named Madison) with Stephen Belafonte, we knew a custody battle would be looped into their divorce proceedings. However, according to TMZ, the film producer is planning to ask a judge for visitation rights for Madison AND her 10-year-old sister, Angel Murphy.

As Stephen married the British singer only two months after Angel’s birth, he feels he’s earned the paternal right to see the youngster. Not to mention, since the Beverly Hills Cop actor hasn’t actively been in young Angel’s life, the 41-year-old has been more of a dad than a stepdad… or, so he says.

Sadly, under California law a stepparent can snag “reasonable visitation” rights as long as it’s in the best interest of the child. Hmmm, we’re not sure any judge will be eager to let a youngster spend quality time with a potentially abusive person. Just sayin’.

In a letter sent from Stephen’s lawyer to the A-lister’s attorney, the El Lay native requested:

“Stephen would like to schedule a meeting as soon as possible to discuss the resolution of temporary issues including his ability to see Madison and Angel, whom we would appreciate continuing to have contact with.”

Oof. Obviously, the America’s Got Talent judge is AGAINST Stephen visiting Angel. Although, we wonder what Eddie has to say about all of this??

Nonetheless, Mr. Belafonte plans to bring up the issue as their divorce continues. Thankfully, by law, Mel B’s ex wasn’t allowed to request stepfather visitation in his response to her divorce filing. So at least, for now, the songstress has custody of Angel!

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Apr 11, 2017 8:19am PDT

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