This Is The Most EXTRA Way To Dine & Ditch!

Terry Peck

We get times are tough, but this is just so fucking extra.

Can you believe the guy pictured (above) literally jumped in the OCEAN in order to avoid paying for his $600 meal??

Say it ain’t so! LOLz!

On Sunday, wannabe rapper Terry Peck (who calls himself 2Pec) dined at Omeros Bros Restaurant on Australia’s Gold Coast — where he reportedly ordered two lobsters, baby octopus, 21 vodka oyster shots, and “a number of Coronas” — before he fled the restaurant and ran into Surfers Paradise’s Main Beach to get out of facing his $621 check.

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When he allegedly refused to return to shore, water police dragged him in on the back of a jet ski. He now faces charges of stealing and serious assault of a police officer.

We can feel your eye roll from here.

Peck says he took the plunge because his lobster was “overcooked”… so maybe he was just going to find some more of his own?

He’s expected back in court on May 4.

[Image via Facebook.]

Apr 11, 2017 2:42am PDT

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