Fifth Harmony Talks Dating, Girl-On-Girl Hate, & The New Group Dynamic In First Post-Cabello Magazine Interview!

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No Camila Cabello, no problem.

It’s been nearly four months since Fifth Harmony became a quartet, and they’ve made tons of singing appearances.

But thanks to Galore, they’re finally opening up in their first full magazine interview together since the departure.

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And it sounds like fans worried about more members going solo can rest easy; they’re more of a unit now than ever before!

Ally Brooke says:

“The four of us are really in sync with each other. We’re pretty open about most things. We try to respect each other as much as we can. For us, communication is really important.”

What’s the secret? Normani Kordei comments:

“We compliment each other a lot.”

Lauren Jauregui is almost ready to finish Normani’s sandwich as she elaborates:

“It’s so important. I feel like especially being around other girls, it’s really easy to start picking yourself apart and being like, ‘Wow, she looks better than me.’ Giving each other that energy changes the whole vibe of whatever we’re doing. If it’s a carpet or a shoot, you can feel in the pictures that we were all complimenting each other and we all felt good.”

Complimenting but not always complementing.

The ladies are always stunning but somewhere along the way decided to quit synchronizing their styles. Whether it’s white and champagne or just a mismatched melange it def doesn’t seem like they’re in fashion harmony.

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But at least they’re synced up in their personal lives — which is to say, all of them are facing problems when it comes to hooking up. Dinah Jane explains:

“There was this one guy who thought I was very intimidating because of who we are. My thing is, when I come across somebody, when I think they’re super cute or handsome, I can’t play along with that because sometimes they take it as something like, ‘She wants me.’ And it’s happened to me many times. When you’re trying to be kind to somebody and they take it as, ‘Dang, Dinah Jane likes me.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I just want to be your friend├óΓé¼┬ª like, why do you have to take it like that?'”

Normani’s prob is also intimidation but in a different way:

“For me, it’s kind of the opposite ’cause I feel like, in a way, I can be so intimidating with me not even knowing it, and then the guy doesn’t call you and you’re like, ‘I’m cute! Come to me. Come here.’ And then it’s like, ‘Is there something wrong with me?'”

Ah, the perils of being in a girl group.

Which, innerestingly, is very different from being in a guy group. Normani says they’re often criticized for dressing or acting “too sexy.” Lauren agrees:

“I’m pretty sure men are never questioned whether they’re acting too sexy. They’re actually glorified when all their clothes are off. Women love that shit, they’re like, ‘Yeahhh! You’re so hot!’ But when girls take our clothes off, it’s, ‘Wow, she’s such a hoe.'”

Sadly, though that is textbook patriarchal oppression, it’s not at the hands of men. Lauren complains:

“And it’s normally girls! Regularly girls.”

Bad business. Ladies need to stick together!

Or at least, 80% of them do…

[Image via Galore.]

Apr 12, 2017 6:33pm PDT

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