New Footage Of United Airlines Incident Surfaces As David Dao Demands The Airline Preserves ALL Evidence Relating To The Altercation!

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David Dao isn’t planning on flying the friendly skies after getting dragged off of an airplane due to an overbooked flight.

Instead, the 69-year-old doctor is planning on taking United Airlines to court — and he’s making sure the company has ALL the evidence related to Sunday’s bloody altercation!

After lawyering up with two of Chicago’s top attorneys, Dao made another legal move on Wednesday demanding United preserve everything involving the flight. This includes surveillance video, cockpit recording, the passenger list, crew list, and any relevant reports prepared by the airline.

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The doctor and his legal team also want police documents pertaining to the incident, United’s passenger-removing protocols, and the personnel files of the officers who “re-accommodated” Dao.

If the airline didn’t already have enough baggage to handle, brand new footage of the incident has surfaced showing the moments leading up to the intense altercation.

The clip, recorded by fellow passenger Joya Griffin Cummings, shows a passenger identified as Dr. Dao speaking to security officials who are telling him to exit the overbooked plane. Dao says in the footage:

“I won’t go, I’m a physician I have to work tomorrow, 8 o’clock├óΓé¼┬ª”

When the officer asks him again, the doctor threatens to “make a lawsuit” against United, and that’s when the officer responds that they’ll “have to drag” him. Dao, who says he flew from Los Angeles then tells the officers “you can drag me,” and would “rather go to jail” than be forced to leave the aircraft.

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Cummings, who was on the plane with her toddler, defended Dao in her retelling of the story on Facebook, saying “he just wanted to go home.”

Now, it appears Dao won’t be going home empty handed, as his legal moves clearly hint a lawsuit is looming over airline — and possibly the city of Chicago.

Watch the new footage and read the passenger’s version of the story (below).

[Image via Twitter.]

Apr 12, 2017 5:04pm PDT

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