Harry Styles Provokes Fans With Ever Since New York Track They Believe Is About Taylor Swift!

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Harry Styles has released his album’s cover art and tracklist, leaving women and men everywhere in a heap of writhing, twitching bodies. We imagine.

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The One Direction member also sent fans into a tizzy when they discovered one track titled Ever Since New York. Obviously immediate comparisons were made to Taylor Swift, with the crazed fandom wondering if the song would be about their relationship after her 1989 song Welcome To New York.

God, we can only hope. Give us the tea! Spill it! Spill that hot liquid all over our bodies!!!

Twitter is working itself into a lather as we type:

He also has a track called Carolina, which has given every fan actually named Carolina an apoplexy.

Quit toying with our hearts, you gorgeous cad, you!

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Apr 13, 2017 11:26am PDT

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