Jay Pharoah Finally Explains Why He Got Fired From SNL!

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Jay Pharoah getting fired from Saturday Night Live has been a major head scratcher for us for months now.

We mean, he seemed like he hardly ever got on the show, but every time he did it was a massive hit. So what was the issue?? More like issues. Plural.

But after an interview with Ebro In The Morning on Thursday, we have a much better idea what went down.

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Basically, the comic says there were a lot of sources of friction, including that he was pigeonholed as just an impressionist, that the higher ups wouldn’t green light Barack Obama sketches, and that he ruffled feathers by speaking up about the show’s infamous lack of black women.

Pharoah also refused to cooperate in one very specific way — wearing a dress. He says he was always being asked to wear drag by other writers and cast members; he broke it down:

“‘We got this great idea where you put on a dress.’ I’m like, ‘No. I’m not doin’ that.’ ‘What?? What do you mean you’re not doing it?’ ‘I mean, I’m not putting on a dress. I’m not gonna get no tweets from freakin’… David Banner.”

For those not in the know, for black male performers being asked to put on a dress is crossing a controversial line. Many in the community — including Dave Chappelle in a 2013 interview — believe black men are consistently made to wear dresses at some point in their Hollywood careers in an attempt to emasculate them.

This is a real hot button issue for young black performers, and it seems some of the cast at SNL just weren’t being sensitive about it — leaving Jay no choice but to refuse, which made him come across as hard to work with.

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(Of course, they probably wouldn’t have asked him so much if they’d hired more black women early on. Just sayin’.)

See Jay get real and raw about SNL, remember the late great Charlie Murphy, explain how he lost so much weight, and more (below)!

What do YOU think of Jay’s explanation?

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Apr 13, 2017 9:01pm PDT

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