Alec Baldwin Comes To Kendall Jenner’s Defense Amid Her Pepsi Ad Controversy!

alec defends kendall

Alec Baldwin has Kendall Jenner‘s back!

As you surely know, the supermodel recently made headlines for the Pepsi commercial she starred in which seemingly mocked the Black Lives Matter movement. Obviously, that was neither the beverage company nor the KUWTK starlet’s intent — and the 30 Rock alum wants you to know just that!

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On Thursday, the industry vet took to Twitter to vocalize his support for the brunette stunner amid her controversy. If you’re wondering why the 59-year-old is defending Jenner, let us remind you that Alec has known the It-girl since she was a young girl.

Anywho, the Beetlejuice actor wrote:

Oh, don’t worry, we do. **side eyes Kris Jenner**

The Donald Trump impersonator continued:

Very fair. This defense of Kenny J comes shortly after reports indicated that the E! personality is “devastated” over the backlash the ad received. Perhaps Alec witnessed how badly Kendall feels first hand??

Although the 21-year-old has been laying low following her ad drama, it’s said she’ll be resurfacing for paid appearances at Coachella. So, girl can’t be struggling that badly.

Nonetheless, we respect Alec for standing up for Kendall. *Snaps*

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Apr 14, 2017 8:53am PDT

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