The Chainsmokers’ Debut Album Ranked As The WORST Release Of The Year!

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Take a deep breath, Chainsmokers fans…

The DJ duo’s single is currently No. 1 on iTunes charts following the hotly-anticipated release of their debut album last week.

But as a whole, the collection of earworm-y tracks that is Memories… Do Not Open has most of the users and critics of Metacritic gasping for air (and substance)!

As of now, the pop/EDM duo’s debut LP is the WORST release of the year, with a critic score of 4.3 and a user score of 1.3!

The user score for Memories… is particularly dismal, given the next lowest score is for Ed Sheeran‘s Divide, which received a comparatively honorable score of 4.3.

Video: The One Song Chainsmokers Fans Need To Hear!

On the critical side, the album was ranked as the second lowest on the site, only beating Canadian-rapper NAV‘s self-titled album.

Critics were weary of the album’s repetitiveness, Andrew Taggart‘s inability to carry a tune, and vapid lyrics that sound like they were penned by a songwriting computer. Ouch!

Though we don’t think the VMA winners mind these shitty reviews, since not an hour goes by where one of their singles isn’t blaring on the radio.

What do YOU think of the Chainsmokers’ album?

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Apr 14, 2017 11:48am PDT

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