Star Wars FINALLY Introduces Its First Woman Of Color In A Leading Role! Learn All There Is To Know About The Last Jedi‘s Rose, AKA Kelly Marie Tran!

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Star Wars has introduced us to a galaxy full of aliens of all different shapes and sizes, heroes and villains made out of tentacles, fur, and even metal.

But it’s taken TEN FILMS (yes, 10 — don’t forget about the FIRST spinoff movie, Ewoks: The Battle For Endor!) for us to get a POC woman in a lead role.

But now, finally, in The Last Jedi, we have Rose (above), played by Vietnamese American Kelly Marie Tran!

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During the Last Jedi panel at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, director Rian Johnson introduced the newcomer, saying she has “the biggest new part” in the saga.

But who the heck is she??

Find out everything we know about Kelly AND Rose (below)!

1. Unlike Rey in The Force Awakens, Kelly has some training.

She graduated from UCLA then studied improv with iO West, Second City, AND The Upright Citizens Brigade. Talk about an overachiever. You just know gurl can YES AND.

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2. And Rose has training too!

Rey is a techie, just another maintenance worker in the Resistance — who gets pulled into the action “in a big way.” She may not be looking to be a hero, but by the end of the movie she will be.

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3. If Kelly’s face looks super familiar, but you can’t place it there is a good chance you’ve see her before.

She appeared in multiple College Humor shorts that went viral, including this HIGHlarious one educating men about periods.

4. Kelly moved on from there to TV and movies.

If you watched About A Boy, you were the one. Ha! But you might also recognize Kelly as Marguerite. And if you caught Gortimer Gibbon’s Life On Normal Street, you may know her as Sara. She also starred in the popular Funny or Die webseries Ladies Like Us.

Most recently she appeared in a small role alongside Sarah Hyland in the Netflix rave comedy XOXO.

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5. Rose has most of her scenes with John Boyega, and that may just ruin things for Finn/Rey shippers. Not to mention Finn/Poe shippers! Boyega said:

“I love her. I think she’s fantastic.”

Read into that what you will. So far romance between the two characters is just rumor.

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Oh, there’s already a canon novel about it? Ha!

We can’t wait to get to know Rose AND Kelly more!

[Image via Disney/Netflix/YouTube.]

Apr 14, 2017 2:39pm PST

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