United Airlines Changes Its Overbooking Policy!

United Airlines changes its overbooking policy.

Little by little, they’re making progress.

It was announced Friday that United Airlines has made changes to its overbooking policy as it relates to employees.

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Now, a passenger can only be removed to accommodate a United crew member if it’s absolutely imperative that the crew member make the flight in order to work another flight AND if the crew member arrives an hour before boarding.

In this way, passengers who have already been seated won’t have to be removed. Instead, passengers might be kept from boarding at the gate or earlier.

TMZ reports there have also been some emails being exchanged today between higher-ups.

In one email, a Senior VP of In-Flight Service wrote:

“No one should ever be mistreated this way … The world saw us in a bad moment.”


Another email from Chairman of the Board Robert A. Milton reads:

“We need to use this regrettable event as a defining moment and pivot off it to craft friendly policies and redouble our efforts to win back the trust of everyone — something I know we will do.”

But first they’ll pay Dr. David Dao a TON of money!

[Image via United Airlines/Twitter.]

Apr 14, 2017 5:59pm PDT

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