Alex Jones, Donald Trump’s Biggest Conspiracy Source, Tells Court He’s Just A ‘Performance Artist’ — And People Are PISSED!

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If you’re not familiar with Alex Jones, here’s a quick primer on the radio show host.

His Internet news show, InfoWars, is largely responsible for propagating the conspiracy theories that the U.S. government was responsible for 9/11, that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizzeria, and that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax in which Barack Obama hired child actors to pretend their schoolmates had been murdered.

Yeah. He’s that guy.

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Sadly, a few million people listen to his drivel, deciding that the mainstream media is lying, and this crazy-sounding reporting is the sole source of fact in a sea of “fake news.” These listeners include — you guessed it — Donald Trump, who has even been a guest on Jones’ radio show.

So when you wonder where the POTUS gets his ridiculous ideas about government, voter fraud, wire-tapping, etc, this is the face. Or should we say the mask?

See, Alex is currently in the middle of a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, who is trying to keep full custody of their 9, 12, and 14-year-old kids.

Kelly is using his own horrible words against him, reportedly telling the court:

“I’m concerned that he is engaged in felonious behavior, threatening a member of Congress. He broadcasts from home. The children are there, watching him broadcast.”

Yeah doesn’t sound like the most stable environment for children. Or highly impressionable Commanders-in-Chief. She also said:

“He’s not a stable person. He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin‘s neck. He wants J-Lo to get raped.”


Seems open-and-shut to us. After all, he can’t deny any of this. He said these awful things on the air; there’s record of all of it.

But Alex’s lawyer has an explanation for all the crazy talk. It’s all fake. In a pre-trial, attorney Randall Wilhite now claims Jones is just “playing a character.”

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Yep, according to his own advocate in a court of law, Alex Jones the angry conspiracy theorist is actually Alex Jones the “performance artist.”

The host that many Americans choose to put their faith in is just a character. Wilhite even went so far as to compare him to Jack Nicholson as The Joker. Funny that he went with a famous villain. Funny.

So does he really not believe any of the insanity he spouts? Is it all just for ratings? Is goading fans into harassing the grieving parents of murdered children — who he knew were not lying — just for clicks?

If so, he’s an even worse person than we thought. And we aren’t alone.

See some of the most disgusted responses to the reveal (below)!

Sadly, we aren’t seeing any angry backlash from his listeners. We’re guessing they’re going to go on believing that his brand of outlandish sensationalism is the only truth, despite him publicly admitting otherwise.

Then again, if Jones’ listeners were reasonable, they would have realized he wasn’t credible long before this.

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Apr 17, 2017 8:40pm PDT

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