Glenn Beck & TheBlaze Are Countersuing Tomi Lahren’s Wrongful Termination Suit!

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These pundits aren’t playing!

As we reported, earlier this month, Tomi Lahren sued Glenn Beck and TheBlaze for wrongful termination after she was fired for coming out as pro-choice during an appearance on The View.

Fast forward to Monday, Beck is calling BS on Lahren’s claims, and plans to fight her in court!

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On Monday, in a Dallas court room, the 53-year-old radio host filed a countersuit against the 24-year-old alleging that her abortion comments had NOTHING to do with her suspension.

Rather, it had to do with Tomi’s “uninformed and inconsistent” comments, her poor on-air word choice, and her antagonistic relationship with the crew.

However, don’t get it twisted! The blonde’s statement on The View wasn’t appreciated either! According to legal docs:

“Lahren’s statements were offensive to many of TheBlaze’s supporters and followers because they imply that only a hypocrite would believe in the Constitution or conservative values but not be pro-choice.”

The lawsuit also says she was NOT fired, but because of a “pay or play” system, the network has the right to not air her show.

Contrary to reports that TheBlaze wants control of Lahren’s social media followers (including her 4 million Facebook fans), the conservative news company says she does in fact have access to her accounts.

Not so coincidentally, on the same day as Beck’s countersuit, Tomi’s lawyer submitted a filing asking for her employment contract with TheBlaze to be terminated.

Doesn’t look like this legal drama is going to end anytime soon!

[Image via Tomi Lahren/Instagram/WENN.]

Apr 17, 2017 9:51pm PDT

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