Sean Spicer Takes A Hit At The Obama Administration While Trying To Explain White House Visitors Log Policy

Sean Spicer sucks!

Seems like they just wanna do the opposite of whatever President Obama did!

Petty much?

As you may know, the Trump administration disclosed on Friday that they would not be releasing the names of most visitors to the White House, in direct contrast to the Obama administration, which voluntarily disclosed those names.

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In fact, the Obama administration released the names of nearly 6 million visitors during Obama’s eight years in office, including the names of many lobbyists.

At a meeting with the press Monday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to explain the reasoning behind this lack of transparency, saying:

“We are following the policy that every other administration from the beginning of time has used with respect to visitors’ log. We will comply with both the federal records act and the presidential records act as stated by law…It’s about following the law. We’re following the law as both the presidential records act and the federal records act prescribe it. It’s the same policy that every administration had up until the Obama administration.”

He added:

“And frankly, the faux attempt that the Obama administration put out when they would scrub who they didn’t want put out didn’t serve anyone well. The President wants to make sure that people can come in the same way they can go to members of Congress office and provide information and details. There’s people who want to be able to come, have that conversation with members of the administration as they would with members of Congress.”

Watch him blab about it (below):

Look, the Trump administration can obviously do whatever it wants (unfortunately), but considering Donnie was all about “draining the swamp” and being transparent and #MAGA and all that jazz, don’t you think he would have no problem with people knowing who’s coming and going to the White House?

It just makes him seem like he has something to hide! Not a good look!

Nearing the end of his spiel, Spicer took a second shot at Obama, of course:

And that’s why we maintain the same policy that every other administration did coming up here prior to the last one. And the last one frankly was a faux level of doing that because when you go through and you scrub everyone’s name out that you don’t want everyone to know, that really is not an honest way of doing it.”

We get it! You hate Obama! Sheesh.

What do YOU think of this whole drama, Perezcious readers???

[Image via CNN]

Apr 17, 2017 5:03pm PDT

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