Shade Or No Shade? Donald Trump Leaves Tom Brady’s Name Out Of Speech Congratulating New England Patriots!

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Did Donald Trump take offense at Tom Brady skipping the New England Patriots White House visit?? It certainly seems that way.

The star QB said he was skipping because he was busy “attending to some personal matters” — which seems strange given how big an honor it is for the Super Bowl champs to be recognized by the POTUS.

Is it just because it’s this POTUS?

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While Tom had previously kept his answers about supporting Trump diplomatic — they were friends after all — his absence is being read by many as a slight to the Prez.

And The Donald seems like he agrees. In his statement, he mentions several players by name but in all his talk of the big game, he doesn’t once mention the team’s leader.

Here’s a clip of the speech, in which Trump is being his smarmy, self-aggrandizing self:

Here’s the Patriots encouraging him:


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BTW, here’s what Tom is doing today.

Yep. He’s celebrating his parents’ anniversary.

But seriously, did he leave out Brady’s name on purpose? Could Trump be that petty??

LOLz! OMG, we just realized what we were asking. OBVIOUSLY Trump is that petty. But was he being petty this time or was it just a coincidence?

YOU decide!

[Image via TBS/CNN.]

Apr 19, 2017 3:45pm PDT

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