Nicki Minaj In Hot Water Over Leaving Westminster Bridge Scenes In Her No Frauds Video After Terror Attack!

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How come every time Nicki Minaj comes around, she gets herself into a London Bridge-sized controversy?

The rap queen dropped the hotly anticipated music video for No Frauds on Wednesday, and quickly ignited a maelstrom of social media criticism.

The royal vid followed a jewel-encrusted Minaj dancing and grunting her way through scenic spots around London — including one shot on the Westminster Bridge.

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The scene rubbed some viewers the wrong way, as it was filmed just a DAY before the deadly Westminster terror attack in March.

After terror struck the bridge a day later, a source told The Sun that the Westminster footage wouldn’t make the final cut, as those involved in the project thought “it would be in bad taste to feature it.”

But when the final video rolled around a month later, fans were shocked to see Nicki in all her glory, grinding at the site where multiple people were killed just a few weeks earlier:

Though not every Twitic got their knickers in a twist over the imagery:

To demonstrate how out of touch she was with the entire situation, Miz Minaj tweeted a poll asking fans what their favorite scene from the video was — and mistook the Westminster Bridge for London Bridge:

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Oh, Nicki, not every bridge in London is “London Bridge”! Here’s an easy way to tell: is it falling down? Ha!

Srsly though. Do YOU think the rapper should have taken out the Westminster Bridge shots?

[Image via YouTube.]

Apr 20, 2017 2:28pm PDT

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