Sesame Street Parodies Real Housewives, And It Is Hilarious! Watch!

Sesame Street takes on the Real Housewives!

The mashup we didn’t know we sorely needed!

Sesame Street took on the Real Housewives in three brand new parody videos on Wednesday, and they are all gems!

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What is this unlikely merging called? The Real Grouches of Sesame Street of course!

Meet the ladies muppets in the first clip (below). Diva Garbagedump is a true star!

In the second clip (below), the Grouches show off their talents, with Oscar eager to debut his song, Grouchy for the Party. LOLz!

Finally, in the third video (below), the Grouches argue over moldy cheese. It’s all sure to go over kids’ heads, but we know parents will enjoy them! Ha!

P.S. Is it shade that all the parody characters are obsessed with trash? LOLz! Well played, Sesame Street.

Apr 20, 2017 2:47am PDT

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