BRB, Wondering How Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, & Ivanka Trump All Made TIME‘s 100 List — Oh Wait…

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The 2017 TIME 100 list is here!

Unfortunately, it’s a sad (SAD!) reality that Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner top the list of the year’s most influential people. Sigh.

And while there are a ton of deserving and inspiring humans (think: Elizabeth Warren, Viola Davis, John Legend, etc.) — other parts of the list definitely leave a sour taste in our mouths. We mean, even Vladimir Putin is on there…

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Despite POTUS totally calling Paul Ryan “Ron” several times during a speech the other day (no, really), the Speaker of the House penned an essay praising Drumpf’s “get it done” personality (even though he hasn’t gotten much done at all).

Ryan wrote:

“He always finds a way to get it done. When so many, including me at times, didn’t see how he could pull it off, Donald Trump won a historic victory. And in becoming the 45th President of the United States, he completely rewrote the rules of politics and reset the course of this country. A businessman always willing to challenge convention, he has shaken up Washington and laid out an agenda of generational proportions. Never afraid of a battle, he has made it his mission to fight for those who feel forgotten. Where others would pivot, he stays true to who he is. Where others would turn back, he forges ahead. Up close, I have found a driven, hands-on leader, with the potential to become a truly transformational American figure. I have little doubt that he will, once again, find a way to defy the odds and get it done.”

Two words: healthcare reform.

Anyways, Ol’ Steve is probably on there because everyone knows The Donald (used to be) his little puppet — which TIME deputy managing editor, Michael Duffy, pointed out by writing:

“Stephen Bannon may no longer function as the 45th President’s chief strategist, but no one else had as much influence on Donald Trump’s general-election campaign and first two months in office. The U.S. Navy and Goldman Sachs refugee has been the new Administration’s chief narrative officer, nursing an angry, nationalist, America-first flame that set both Republicans and Democrats on their heels; attacked elite institutions in government, business and the media; and thoroughly delighted Trump’s aging, white and disaffected base. Bannon’s story line, which he nurtured for years as boss of the Breitbart news enterprise, gave the Trump White House a clear (if counter├é┬¡productive) purpose for about 75 days. But then Trump realized that rather than scoring legislative victories, Bannon was doing little more than alienating voters outside Trump’s base and getting way too much attention along the way. For Trump, it was too disruptive.”

As for Bannon’s biggest competition and everyone’s least favorite frat boy, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said of Trump’s son-in-law (who he’s probably met once in his life):

“This space has been traversed for nearly four months by Jared Kushner, whom I first met about 18 months ago, when he introduced himself after a foreign policy lecture I had given. We have sporadically ├é┬¡exchanged views since. As part of the Trump family, Jared is familiar with the intangibles of the President. As a graduate of Harvard and NYU, he has a broad education; as a businessman, a knowledge of administration. All this should help him make a success of his daunting role flying close to the sun.”

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And then there’s Ivanks.

Wendi Murdoch basically praised the businesswoman for leaving her cushy New York life for another cushy life in D.C.:

“Ivanka continues to earn my respect and admiration for how she has chosen to use her new visibility. She has long advocated to empower women and girls and is now leading education initiatives and working to put an end to human trafficking. I am deeply impressed by her courage to leave behind life as she knew it and move her young family to Washington to pursue positive change.”

Positive change, like when she failed to stand up for Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive health. Got it!

Are U scared that THESE are the people with the greatest influence on us??? We are!

With all of that said, we do highly suggest checking out the rest of the list — featuring Ed Sheeran written by Taylor Swift, James Corden written by Elton John, and Chance The Rapper written by Common — by clicking HERE.

What do U think of this list??? SOUND OFF in the comments!

Apr 20, 2017 11:21am PDT

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