United Airlines Has A New Plan To Avoid Brutalizing Passengers!

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Ever since United Airlines had a passenger brutally beaten and dragged off the “overbooked” plane to make room for their own personnel, they’ve been in PR hell.

So now they’re doing everything they can to make sure an incident like the one with Dr. David Dao never happens again.

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One step they’ve taken is a no-brainer: separating out the passengers with “flexible” travel plans who won’t fight back if they’re bumped.

The company added to their online check-in:

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Seems like a good idea.

Of course, anything that isn’t violently throwing passengers off seems like a good idea in comparison.

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But part of United’s strategy is apparently still pretending they didn’t do anything wrong. A United rep told People this wasn’t related to the bad press over the incident:

“Reaching out to customers before their flights allows our gate agents to easily identify customers who have flexible travel plans. This is not a new practice, but something we have done to help manage travel changes in advance.”

Hmm. Right. Just a coincidence no one ever noticed this before, and it didn’t exist beforehand for anyone to point to as something Dr. Dao was given to check.

What do YOU think of United’s new addition??

[Image via United Airlines/Facebook.]

Apr 20, 2017 8:48pm PDT

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