Aaron Carter Once Again Tries To Explain Why He’s ‘So Skinny’ — And No, It’s Not From Drugs!

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Aaron Carter can’t take any more jabs about his weight.

The I Want Candy singer has always appeared slim in his adult years, with his slender frame never failing to be the subject of concern (and cruel jokes) on social media.

After performing his comeback EP L├â┬╕V├â┬½ in Las Vegas earlier this month, a new wave of attention washed over the 29-year-old’s stature — so, he decided to explain why he was “so skinny.”

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Carter took to Twitter early Wednesday and told fans to “take it easy” on him because, well… “basically I have an eating disorder.”

Nick Carter‘s little bro explained he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia — a condition where part of the stomach bulges through the diaphragm — at 19 years old. Patients typically deal with problems swallowing, heartburn, and weight loss issues due to fear of eating.

Aaron apologized for his “terrible stress condition” in a string of tweets (if you don’t believe him, ask his brother!), saying he wished he was able to eat more and once again reminded fans his appearance has nothing to do with drug use:

The singer first revealed his “stupid medical condition” in a 2015 twitter confessional in attempt to silence similar comments about his weight.

We’re glad the performer is being open with his fans and refusing to give up!

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Apr 26, 2017 6:47pm PDT

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