Donald Trump Trips Over Words Again, Can’t Stop Calling His Non-Ban A “Ban”

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We don’t want to say our president is exactly like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (whom he may not be able to identify, btw), but we will say both of them would be far scarier if they weren’t so comically incompetent.

Obviously we don’t want a POTUS who can’t succeed, but considering the things Donald Trump is trying to accomplish, we’re probably better off.

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Once again, 45 went on an early morning Twitter tirade, sticking his virtual foot in his administration’s mouth. He wrote:

First off, “see you in court” isn’t the rhetoric of someone trying to unite the nation, it’s something villainous business men in ’80s movies say (incidentally that’s a job for which Trump IS qualified).

Second, our favorite thing about this is Trump once again calling his plan a “ban” after his White House’s message could not have been clearer that it is definitely not a ban.

Remember Sean Spicer trying to argue that one?

It was actually Trump’s words on the campaign trailer about banning Muslims that got his stupid “vetting system” blocked by the court. Legally, the intent of the law matters, and everything Trump said before the order was even written was taken into account.

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But on to the new content. In case you missed it, he’s referring to San Francisco’s Judge William H. Orrick of the United States District Court, who ruled on Tuesday to block the order to punish “sanctuary cities” that refused to go along with his Islamaphobic immigration policy.

Funny enough, it’s Trump’s own words AGAIN that got this new order blocked. In his ruling, Orrick specifically cited POTUS referring to the order as a “weapon” and saying he wanted to cut all federal funding from California.


As long as Trump stays more terrible at his job than he is terrible in general, we just may survive this presidency.

[Image via CNN.]

Apr 26, 2017 5:58pm PDT

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