Erin Moran’s Brother Bashes Scott Baio’s Manhood Following The Happy Days Alum’s Insensitive Comments About Her Death

erin moran brother lashes out scott baio

Not buying it.

Scott Baio has already apologized for the insensitive comments he made surrounding his Joanie Loves Chachi costar’s death, but Erin Moran‘s brother isn’t ready to forgive the Happy Days alum! Oh snap.

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As you surely know, the Donald Trump supporter made headlines following Erin’s death when he suggested the late actress died due to drug and alcohol abuse — where in reality, the deceased starlet passed away from complications from stage four cancer. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth, man!

The industry vet later explained that he read a report where a drug overdose was fingered as Erin’s potential cause of death and had no clue about Erin’s cancer diagnosis, which is why he was so cold about her passing during his Bernie & Sid radio interview.

Regardless, Erin’s brother Tony isn’t too eager to forgive the 56-year-old as he took to Facebook and posted:


What we find interesting is that Erin’s brother’s take on the former flames’ relationship is VERY different than what Baio has depicted. Not to mention, Miz Moran’s husband says throat cancer made it impossible for Erin to speak for the last two months of her life — which directly contradicts Scott’s claims where he said his wife spoke to his former onscreen girlfriend around a month ago. Huh.

Anywho, Mr. Moran’s shade didn’t stop there as he took to the social media site again hours later and added:

Tony is clearly devastated over his sister’s death. Which means it’s unlikely that Scott will EVER be forgiven by his ex’s family. Sorry, bud!

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Apr 26, 2017 8:17am PDT

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