Ivanka Trump Brand Clothing Produced In A Sweatshop!

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Nothing speaks to how much American jobs and international good will mean to you than shipping your manufacturing jobs overseas and paying next to nothing.

The Fair Labor Association toured a Chinese factory which produces Ivanka Trump brand clothing and found DOZENS of United Nations International Labor Organization standards violations.

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The Washington Post reports the 80 factory workers make on average $62 for 60 hours of work a week.

We aren’t math experts or anything, but that’s about $1/hour — below the minimum wage in many areas of China.

The other key violation is the work hours. China’s laws limit overtime to 36 hours per week; the FLA found some workers had gone up to 82 HOURS OF OVERTIME.

Ivanka isn’t alone in being complicit here. The factory makes clothing for contractor G-III Apparel Group, which in addition to making Trump clothes since 2012, also produces Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

[Image via Ivanka Trump.]

Apr 26, 2017 1:40pm PDT

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