Remember That Chain-Smoking 2-Year-Old From Indonesia? Now He’s A Healthy, Cig-Free Fourth Grader!

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Ardi Rizal is now living a life free of addiction.

The 9-year-old Indonesian boy became a viral sensation back in 2010 when he was just a tricycle-riding, cig-puffing 2-year-old with a habit of smoking two packs a day (pictured above).

Embarrassed Indonesian government officials brought the child into rehab two years later where he managed to kick the smoking habit — but he soon replaced it with another vice.

According to reports, the boy then developed a food addiction and, by the age of 5, weighed 53 pounds — 13 pounds heavier than the recommended weight for a child his age.

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Rizal’s mother said he would consume three cans of condensed milk a day and other fatty foods. The boy would bang his head on the wall, a tic he picked up while smoking, if he didn’t get his fix.

The boy’s family decided to take him to a nutritionist to be put on a strict diet of fresh fruit and vegetables. Now, four years later, Rizal is at a healthy weight and living free of addiction!

Now, the fourth grader is focused on socializing and studying rather than smoking or gorging on food.

With his vices behind him, Ardi is known as the “champion” of his primary school. What an amazing turnaround!

We’re so happy for him! Click HERE to see what Ardi looks like now.

[Image via YouTube.]

Apr 27, 2017 12:33pm PDT

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