Bachelor Vet Chris Soules Continues To Delete Social Media Presence As Law Enforcers Eye Cell Phone Usage As A Cause For Fatal Crash

chris soules could be charged with manslaughter

Well this explains why Chris Soules deleted all of his social media accounts.

As we previously reported, the Bachelor alum eliminated his Instagram account on Tuesday evening, not long after being arrested in Iowa for allegedly leaving the scene of a fatal car accident. At first, Soules kept his Facebook and Twitter pages active, but ultimately deleted them as well on Wednesday.

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And while we understand the reality TV star’s desire to disconnect following this horrible tragedy, it appears as though Chris wiped his social media presence for legal reasons. According to TMZ, law enforcement sources close to the case claim investigators are interested to see if the Dancing With The Stars vet was on his phone at the time of the incident.

Reportedly, the cops have already seized Chris’ phone and are planning to dig through his texts, call log, photos, and social media posts. Soules is already being painted as a “distracted driver” as, prior to the fatal car crash, the 35-year-old would take photos of sunsets while driving along the roads in Iowa. He would regularly post these scenic images online.

If the cops can prove that Chris was using his phone at the time of the collision, it’s believed he’ll be hit with a vehicular manslaughter charge. Oof.

As of right now, Chris is just facing the felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in a death. Regardless, we’re sure the victim (Kenneth Mosher)’s family would like some answers about what exactly caused this fatal crash.

Overall, this is an incredibly sad situation for EVERYONE involved.

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Apr 27, 2017 8:27am PDT

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