Twitter Noticed Something Weird About Donald Trump’s Birthday Message To Melania…

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April 26 marked Melania Trump‘s 47th birthday!

Since she’s really been such a good sport about keeping it tight over the years, Donald Trump decided to give her a birthday shoutout on Twitter (above), writing in the caption:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our @FLOTUS, Melania!”

But eagle-eyed users immediately noticed something strange about the President’s birthday message to FLOTUS. (Aside from the fact that she looks happy holding his wormy hand.)

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So, what’s wrong with the picture? Well, take a look at the flag at the bottom. Then count the stars on it… DO YOU SEE?

Yup, that’s 39 stars on the flag… 11 short of the 50 stars on the actual flag, and states in the union.

Twitter of course had a field day over this error, and — after a brief panic about which states were doomed for destruction — uncovered other times the Trump administration used the same faulty flag image:

It was MSNBC‘s Christopher Hayes who noticed the 39-star flag had been used by Trump’s camp before:

Can no one count in the Trump administration? At least that would explain why POTUS insists he won the popular vote…

[Image via Twitter.]

Apr 27, 2017 1:14pm PDT

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