Report Claims Cristiano Ronaldo Signed $375K Settlement After Alleged Rape In 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo

Back in 2010, Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly signed a $375,000 settlement deal to end a rape case alleging he sexually assaulted a woman in Las Vegas over the summer of 2009.

Earlier this month, German publication Der Spiegel caused a stir after releasing a report claiming the Real Madrid player had settled out of court with a woman whose identity has been protected, but is referred to as “Susan K.” in the legal documents, in order to silence her claims that he anally raped her in his Palms Place Hotel room.

According to a letter that the alleged victim wrote the athlete months after the alleged attack (which Der Spiegel has obtained), the soccer star and K. met in the VIP area of a club before they went back to his place. The two allegedly exchanged numbers, kissed, and when “he wanted more, she said ‘no.'” That’s when it’s said he grabbed her and forced himself on her.

Ronaldo’s camp responded to the report by calling it “journalistic fiction” and denounced any ties between the celeb and the settlement documents.

Now, Der Spiegel is hitting back with more documents seemingly proving Cristiano’s connection to the case.

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According to text messages acquired by the outlet between Ronaldo and his long-time lawyer, Carlos Os├â┬│rio de Castro, the 32-year-old was very much involved with negotiating Susan K.’s payout back in January 2010. The outlet has since traced the money to two separate offshore bank accounts that Der Spiegel says “have administered Ronaldo’s earnings from advertising and sponsoring deals for years.”

And if you’re wondering why we haven’t heard anything from the victim, her silence was part of the alleged agreement.

Further, Der Spiegel found a “Confidential Side Letter Agreement,” which names the Portugal native as the person behind the alias “Topher”:

Der Spiegel reports the text exchange between Ronaldo and Osório de Castro was as follows:

“The mediator now says that she [Ronaldo’s accuser] has broken out in tears and that she is shaken because she thinks you’re not interested in this matter and are someplace else altogether,” Os├â┬│rio de Castro wrote: “So far, there has been no talk about money, but that’s coming.”

Ronaldo answered, “OK.”


Forty-seven minutes after the first SMS, Ronaldo received a second message from Las Vegas. This time, it was just a number: “950,000 dollars.” It appears to be the sum that the counterparty was seeking in compensation. Ronaldo wrote back: “That’s the amount?”

Os├â┬│rio de Castro answered: “That is the first demand: That’s 660,000 euros. We won’t accept it. The negotiations are continuing.”

Ronaldo then asked: “Is that too much?” Os├â┬│rio de Castro replied: “I think so. I think we’ll close this for less.”

Ronaldo then demanded: “It has to be less!” His lawyer replied: “OK.”


The exchange of text messages between Ronaldo and Os├â┬│rio de Castro suggest that the settlement negotiations in Las Vegas were protracted. In one, he wrote to his client: “We are finally finalizing this after 12 hours for 260,000 euros. On top of that will be the costs for mediation that I already told you about, plus a few payments to the lawyers who are now trying to formalize the transaction. I know that is a lot of money, but I think it was the best way out ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ and it also wasn’t easy to get at all.”

Oof. This is terrible!!!

If Cristiano is still maintaining his innocence, why did he need a “way out”???

To read the full report, CLICK HERE.

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Apr 28, 2017 12:33pm PDT

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