Hey, Amber Heard — Elon Musk Is BORING!

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For “boring” news, this is pretty exciting!

In case you didn’t know, Tesla and SpaceX CEO (and Amber Heard luvvah) Elon Musk wants to drill holes under the city of Los Angeles to alleviate traffic woes.

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If you’re having a hard time wrapping your brain around the venture, which Elon has given the tongue-in-cheek name The Boring Company, you aren’t alone.

That’s why the innovator explained some of the details behind his project during a Ted Talk on Friday, even showing a video of the sci-fi world of tomorrow he envisioned as the final product (below)!

The idea is that cars could pull onto elevators that would descend into the tunnels, where an skate on electric rails would whisk the vehicle along at over 130 mph in a mostly straight path to its destination, shaving hour-long commutes down to just five or ten minutes.

In addition to dozens of tunnels for cars, they would ideally also build an underground hyperloop mass transit system.

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The problem right now is boring the holes, which is an incredibly slow, expensive process. Currently, Musk says he and his engineers are working on developing a singular machine that can tunnel and place supports simultaneously. But Musk says this is just a side project at the moment, taking up just “two or three percent” of his time.

It may be years away, but if it works, it could change transportation forever.

For now though, it’s still in the boring phase.

[Image via Ted Talks/Twitter/FayesVision/WENN.]

Apr 28, 2017 7:38pm PDT

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