Ja Rule Responds To Backlash Over ‘Scam’ Fyre Festival — But He’s Going To Have To Answer To The Bahamas Too!

Ja Rule maintains the festival isn't a scam!

What a mess!!

As we’ve been reporting, the Fyre Festival has come to a complete halt AKA was “fully postponed” after concertgoers arrived to horrendous conditions on the Exuma island of the Bahamas.

In case you didn’t know, the lavish weekend was organized by Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland, and it now has guests wondering if it was all a scam, especially as they’re all currently stranded on the mainland with no way home.

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They apparently don’t even have sleeping accommodations!

Well, the rapper has finally decided to speak out on the disaster. He took to Twitter on Friday, writing:

At least he’s attempting to take responsibility since no one else is…

Unfortunately for Ja Rule, he’s also facing heat from more than those unlucky folks who shelled out anywhere from $1K to $12K for tickets!

TMZ is reporting the Bahamas tourism board is PISSED as they could lose millions from this botched event. They’ve released their own statement on the PR disaster (below):


It’s being said the festival truly was meant to come together, but event planners were way unprepared to throw it all together.

We’re just wondering why they even let guests come through to the island if they knew they would not be ready in time. Damn.

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated with the hip-hop artist’s official statement

[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 28, 2017 3:47pm PDT

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