Paris Jackson Warns Followers Of ‘Extremely Triggering’ Hit Netflix Show Thirteen Reasons Why

Paris Jackson warns against Thirteen Reasons Why.

Paris Jackson is really proving to be one smart, caring young woman.

The budding actress most recently took to her Instagram to warn followers of the hit Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why, based on the book of the same name, which many feel glorifies suicide.

Paris, who has been honest with her struggles with suicide in the past, obviously feels very strongly towards the subject.

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The teen shared a post (below), which explains why the show can be triggering and painful for people with depression, suicidal thoughts, or for those who self-harm.

came across this online and i’m not sure what the source is but this is really important to spread towards people that are struggling with depression or anxiety, self-harm, and or suicidal thoughts. this show was an amazing way to get the message across to bullies that they need to stop doing what they are doing, it really did a good job of showing how impactful words and actions can be to other human beings. you can’t just do or say things to people without thinking about how it will affect them. but at the same time it is also an extremely triggering thing to watch. please only watch this show with caution and keep in mind that it may put you in a dark place. if you are struggling please don’t watch it. if you think you can handle it, please by all means check it out.A post shared by Paris-Michael K. Jackson (@parisjackson) on Apr 27, 2017 at 4:05pm PDT

Thirteen Reasons Why has been met with much criticism for how it’s chosen to handle the suicide of one of its major characters. Many people have come out in condemning the portrayal.

We’re glad she took the time to warn her 1.3 million followers, many of whom are no doubt young like herself.

Have YOU watched the show? What did you make of it???

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Apr 28, 2017 12:07pm PDT

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