Adorably Badass Kids Protest Donald Trump’s Rally, And Twitter Can’t Get Enough!

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A protest doesn’t require a big turnout to go viral… if the protest happens to be a gang of bicycle-riding youths with more attitude than Sean Spicer at a press conference.

That’s what we took from the meteoric rise to internet fame of the #717BikeLife kids, who took Twitter by storm posing on their bikes outside of a Donald Trump rally with a handmade sign reading: “Fuck Trump.”

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The group of five young local boys were riding their bikes around the Harrisburg, PA complex where POTUS held his rally on Saturday, in honor of his 100th day in office — and in protest of the (nasty!) White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

BuzzFeed News reporter Michael Blackmon spotted the quintet of pedaling protesters outside the complex, and tweeted a pic of them complete with the hashtag of their choosing:

Well, the #717BikeLife gang seemed to resonate with the rest of the internet — as the image quickly turned into the latest meme, representing the no-shit-taking middle schoolers in all of us.

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Some social media users compared the squad to The Sandlot kids of the Trump-era, while others said they’d totally be on board for at #717BikeLife Netflix series a la Stranger Things.

See what people are saying about the now-viral image (below)!

In a world of lost hope, these five kids have reminded us to NEVER. STOP. PEDALING. FOR. JUSTICE!

[Image via Michael Blackmon/Twitter.]

May 1, 2017 2:27pm PDT

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