Baylor University Students Protest ‘Racially Insensitive’ Fraternity Party After Partygoers Dress As Construction Workers & Wear Brown Face!

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Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner!

Which means it’s that time of the year when (predominately white) college fraternities like to throw festive, Mexican-themed parties full of racist costumes and the occasional brown face!

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Well, Baylor University got an early start on the cultural appropriation over the weekend when Kappa Sigma fraternity threw a “Mexican-themed” party — a party that caused so much outrage, it sparked a student-led protest on campus.

Students who attended the Saturday night event wore sombreros and serapes, images of which circulated on Twitter and led to an outcry of minority students:

Other partygoers wore even more racially insensitive costumes, according to student reports, dressing up as construction workers, maids, and even wearing brown faces.

Some of the more politically-savvy offenders chanted “Build that wall,” in reference to their leader Donald Trump‘s literally divisive campaign promise that America will end up paying for.

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The Waco, Texas university responded to the controversy on Sunday. Vice President for Student Life Kevin Jackson called the party “deeply concerning” in a statement, writing:

“Baylor is committed to a Christian mission that actively supports a caring and diverse campus community, and we do not tolerate racism of any kind on our campus. When any incident that does not align with our faith and mission is brought to our attention, it is thoroughly investigated by the university, and appropriate action is taken.”

As for Kappa Sigma’s headquarters, the national fraternity said “it has suspended operations of the Baylor chapter while an investigation in cooperation with the university is carried,” saying in a statement:

“The allegations are inconsistent with the values of Kappa Sigma and, upon the completion of the investigation, the fraternity will address the findings in an appropriate manner.”

As an investigation goes underway, students have taken the issue into their own hands. On Monday, the university’s NAACP chapter and LatinX Coalition hosted an on campus protest in response to the party.

Amongst those voicing outrage on social media included a few people defending the culturally insensitive event, saying “all people did was dress up…for a cinco de mayo party.”

Of course, those people were properly schooled by others who have been subjected to their culture being reduced to offensive stereotypes their entire lives:

As for the difference between celebrating another culture versus being racist douchebags, one Twitter user put it best:

Note to all fraternities: all you need for a proper Cinco De Mayo party is some tequila.

[Image via Facebook/Twitter.]

May 1, 2017 4:42pm PDT

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