Former Bachelor Chris Soules Accused Of Buying Alcohol Just Before Fatal Accident

chris soules accused of buy booze before accident

Chris Soules‘ lawyers must be sweating right about now.

On Tuesday, a troubling update for The Bachelor alum’s felony hit-and-run case dropped and things aren’t looking good for the 35-year-old. As we previously reported, Mr. Soules is currently trying to have the felony charge for the fatal accident he was involved in dismissed as the reality TV vet supposedly did “everything right” following the crash.

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The disgraced ABC celeb claims not only did he call 911 after the accident and wait for the EMTs to arrive, but he also checked the victim Kenneth Mosher for a pulse. However, prosecutors are telling a different story; they’ve since accused the Iowa native of buying booze and possibly consuming the said alcohol just before colliding with the now deceased 66-year-old.

The prosecution states in new legal document that Chris went out of his way to avoid giving “an explanation” about “the empty and partially consumed open alcoholic beverages located in and around his vehicle that he was seen purchasing at a convenience store shortly before the accident.” Oof.

If Soules had been drinking and driving at the time of the accident he is NOT the innocent party he makes himself out to be. As of right now, it’s unclear if the prosecution has video evidence of Chris purchasing alcohol or if they only have an eyewitness. Another suspicious factor a Buchanan County Attorney has brought up, is that, by fleeing the scene police officers were unable to test Soules’ “level of intoxication.”

In short: Chris is looking less and less innocent by the day.

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May 2, 2017 2:16pm PDT

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