Former Fox News Web Host Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against The Network!

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Another day, another discrimination lawsuit filed against Fox News.

Diana Falzone, former host of programming on, filed a lawsuit on Monday in New York State Supreme Court alleging gender and disability discrimination.

In the suit, she claimed she was banned from participating in on-air activities at the network three days after writing an article about her battle with endometriosis, a gynecological condition she said led to her infertility.

Falzone says the company had approved the article before it was published; but three days after it ran in January of 2017, a supervisor told her he had been instructed by senior executives to ban her from ever appearing on

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Not only that, but Falzone was virtually banned from all on air network activities. She would never be allowed to host her own shows, conduct her own interviews, appear on Fox TV, or even do voiceovers.

Falzone is being represented by attorney Nancy Erika Smith, who handled former anchor Gretchen Carlson‘s explosive sexual harassment suit against former news head Roger Ailes. The lawyer said in a statement:

“The issues raised in Diana Falzone’s lawsuit are a concern for all women. Fox News never banned her male counterparts who have discussed their personal health issues on air. Indeed, those men saw their careers advance.”

At this point, we bet Smith has fill-in-the-blank statements already prepared to file against the notoriously misogynistic news network!

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The suit adds that Falzone asked multiple times why she was being mistreated. Her supervisor allegedly told her she should look for another job. Falzone even filed a formal complaint through the 21st Century Fox hotline, but nothing allegedly came of that either.

Fox News is clearly trying to dig out its founding patriarchal roots, and has taken action against the multiple sexual harassment lawsuits filed against the network’s top dogs.

We hope they are just as quick to rectify smaller allegations like this.

[Image via Fox News.]

May 2, 2017 10:14am PDT

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