Rosie O’Donnell’s Estranged Daughter Tells All About Her ‘Abusive’ Mom & Reveals Why They Can’t Reconcile In Shocking Interview

The estranged mother-daughter duo have yet to make amends.

Rosie O’Donnell and her daughter Chelsea have yet to reconcile.

As we’ve previously reported, the two have had a strained relationship for years amid a hospitalization and the teen running away. And according to the 19-year-old, things haven’t changed.

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Speaking to, Chelsea revealed an incident with her “drunk” mom two years ago that had Rosie chasing her around the house with a wine bottle:

“It was pretty late at nigh. A couple of weeks prior, I had gotten a tattoo. She [O’Donnell] had spyware on my phone so she could see pretty much everything I did. She called me into her room and asked me about the tattoo. I denied it. She asked me to take off my clothes – she didn’t know where it was – to show her and I refused. She picked up a wine bottle and started chasing me, trying to take off my clothes. She told me if I didn’t show her, if I tried to leave, that she would hit me with the wine bottle, call the police and tell them that I had attacked her. She was holding it above her head and coming after me in her room. She kept trying to run after me and saying that if she really wanted to she could kill me, she’s that strong.”

And Chelsea explained while Rosie did end up finding her tattoo, she didn’t end up calling the cops:

“I felt it was her word against mine and why wouldn’t they believe her over me. I didn’t go to the police because of who she is. She would have tried to say I was crazy and they just wouldn’t believe me.”

The TV personality’s daughter continued, adding it’s not the first time her mom tried to get physically abusive:

“When I was 13, 14 and I was at boarding school in Utah, I had gotten into trouble and I was in a locked room. She had come to see me and they let her in. We started arguing because I didn’t want her there. She got really close to me. I tried to push her away from me and she hit me. We started fighting more until she was asked to leave. A few years later, she apologized and said she regretted doing that. Since I was 12, Rosie has been verbally abusive and that was something I didn’t like, making me feel that there was something wrong with me.”

Chelsea, who secretly married Nick Alliegro in 2016, also admitted she feels Rosie is manipulative:

“She does things that are going to make her look good. She lied about kicking me out by saying that I’m missing and making everyone all worried. She tries to make people think I’m just crazy and she’s this great mother that’s trying to save her daughter when none of that’s really true. I feel like she’s been very dishonest and done things that have really hurt me and my life. I want to clear things up and get the truth out.”

And even maintains O’Donnell knew where she was the whole time:

“She knew. She was talking to me when I was down [in New Jersey]. She had called the person I was with too. The day after she had kicked me out, she had gotten in contact with that person. A few days after, she had called me and told me she had known where I was because she had looked at my phone messages.”

The teen also says the 55-year-old tried to get her to split from her now-husband, with Nick even chiming in to add:

“When we started dating and I went to Rosie’s house for the first time in November, she was very nice to me. She even told Chelsea she liked me. But she mentioned that it would be good if I ended things with Chelsea and convinced her to move back home. She even threw out the idea of paying for my apartment for the year and helping me out financially which I turned down. I told her that wasn’t an option and we wanted to stay together. She said that if I wanted to take on that responsibility [of Chelsea] then my life would be chaos. It just felt negative. She told me Chelsea was incapable of loving someone else and ‘the best doctors in the country said she would be unable to love. So do yourself a favor and walk away.'”

And Nick admitted Chelsea’s hospitalization followed a miscarriage, not an overdose like it was previously reported:

“After Chelsea had the miscarriage, she was just having a hard time coping with everything. At the end of August, she went to the hospital. In the media it was said that Chelsea had an overdose which wasn’t true.”

He also added:

“I told Rosie about the miscarriage but she never seemed to care or even asked any questions, like it didn’t matter to her.”

Which is why neither of them believe they can have a relationship with Rosie anymore. As Chelsea put it:

“I don’t think that there’s a chance of that with Rosie anymore.”

Still, they both want to pursue having a family:

“That’s something we both want and I’m looking forward to experiencing that. Just because Rosie’s a bad mother doesn’t mean that I will be.”

Rosie responded to Chelsea’s interview with a lengthy statement:

“chelsea is mentally ill

has been in and out of hospitals most of her life

born addicted to heroin –

she has had a tough road

as for her comments –

i assume u r paying her –

which is why she is selling these tales to you

unfounded – untrue – and desperate

do what you like louise –

as this is the job u have

but know

she is very sick

she is not capable of truth or reason

she has not been in touch with anyone

since her husband tried to extort 9000 dollars from this family

the day after the lesion in her frontal lobe was detected

she then did an inside edition interview for money

and disappeared

and now has a story for u

as a mother – my request is that u not pay her

and leave her alone

as her self hatred grows

after each sold lie

it is comforting to know

she is still alive

so thank you for that part

if u use any of this e mail in ur story

i request it is in its entirety


truth inside truth

March 4, 2017

my 19 year old daughter adopted by me at two months old was once again paid by inside edition to talk about her life and me

chelsea left my home in august 2015 at 17 and has not spent a night under my roof since she has been to rehab two times since going both times she left early AMA

each time with the assistance of nick alliegro who married her in 2016 in secret she was 18 – he was 30 he has kicked her out many times since then

chelsea attempted suicide on labor day she refused rehab treatment went to wisconsin alone to live with her birth family

nick allegro picked chelsea up there in wisconsin shortly before christmas in late december nick was arrested for domestic violence

chelsea agreed to attend SILVERHILL hospital the doctors there found a hole in her frontal lobe most like from a stroke in utero this severely compromises her cognitive abilities and always has

and in some ways i hope – frees her from the debilitating shame she struggles to life thru daily

she left SILVERHILL in feb against medical advice and until last nights inside edition we had no idea if she were alive or dead

no one from inside edition called me no one tried to tweet me i had the EPs phone number in 14 minutes


Rosie O’Donnell: charles lachman ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ this is rosie o’donnell my daughter has an IQ of 86 she has a hole in her frontal lobe she left SILVERHILL hospital AMA last month no one has seen or heard from her

had u the BASIC HUMAN DECENCY – to reach out and ask b4 u ONCE AGAIN PAID HER MONEY – money she will use for drugs

Charles Lachman I can call you at 10:15 to discuss. I’m on a crowded Amtrak train right now.

Rosie O’Donnell:

what is wrong with u charles – have u no heart – no children – no basic humanity shame – truly – on u

my daughter is probably shooting up – from ur easy money – enjoy ur train ride CHARLES LACHMAN

the plumber husband… did u even look – he was arrested for domestic violence in jan

theres ur f***ing story thanks charles thank u from a 55 yr old mother of 5 w/drug compromised children

and charles – it took me 20 mins to get to u – someone could have easily reached me had u tried


we spoke shocked to find him an adult of 63 i expected a 40 something metrosexual

i yelled his defense my publicist threatened them – over the phone the first time they interviewed chelsea

YES THATS HER JOB – i screamed to keep predatory press from my mental compromised adolescent daughter

she was not at boarding school as u reported the first time she was in residential treatment nearly her whole life

i googled u chuck after we hung up impressive work as an author with children of ur own

may they always be healthy and should they not lets hope the toxic tabloids don’t feed on them

nancy glass is famous i am sure there would be a way to sell that story and some p***k would give your sick child money

ur heart would break chuck

and u would wonder what you could do to save her from men like u”

Chelsea and Nick in response shared:

“Chelsea says:

I am not mentally ill and i have no self hatred and am not doing this for the money. Rosie doesnt know me and ahe never will again. She is a cruel narsasistic vengful woman who doesnt care for anyone but herself and her writing that on her website just shows how shallow hateful she really is.

Nicholas says:

That is an all time low even for her that just shows what kind of person she is and for the record the only difference between her comments and ours is that ours is true and that’s why she is reaction because the truth hurts.”


We can only hope they work out their issues, but it really sounds like their relationship is way too toxic right now.


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May 2, 2017 2:28pm PDT

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