Donald Trump Just Appointed A Man With Multiple Sexual Assault Accusations To The State Department

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The Donald Trump administration is finally getting on that whole “filling government jobs” thing they’ve fallen so far behind on.

Let’s just check in and see how it’s- OH NO! We should have known.

Trump’s team appointed Steven Munoz to the position of “assistant chief of visits” at the State Department, running an office that organizes visits with foreign heads of state.

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As the assistant chief, Munoz would have up to ten staffers under him, though as you’ll soon see putting anyone under Munoz might not be the best idea…

When Munoz was an upperclassman at military university The Citadel, he was accused by five different male freshmen of using his position to assault them.

Only one of the incidents was reported while Munoz was a student. At the time, the Citadel chose not to punish Munoz but simply issued him a warning. When he graduated they even gave him a commendation for his work mentoring younger cadets. Eesh.

After his graduation, four more accusers came forward.

One student said he woke up with Munoz, who was both class president and head of the Republican Society, lying on top of him, kissing him and groping his genitals.

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Another told police:

“Munoz coerced threatened and convinced me to allow inappropriate touching, grabbing, and kissing by leading me to believe it was what I needed to do to gain acceptance in the corps of cadets. He threatened to call my upperclassmen who would be upset if I did not comply with him.”

A third cadet described a series of one-on-one meetings with Munoz:

“He instructed me to sit on his bed during these meetings… After a few meetings he began to rub my leg with his hand. He moved his hand under my shorts and the first time I pushed his hand off my leg he said he was just playing and that he did it with his other knobs so I shouldn’t mind. I had seen this in the past and when I asked my classmates about the interaction, they said when they resisted, he yelled at them for not trusting him and Mr. Munoz made them stay longer in his room.”


Munoz’s lawyer defended him after the accusations went public by saying:

“I believe that certain disgruntled cadets made exaggerated claims of wrongdoing concerning Munoz’s participation in boorish behavior that was historically tacitly approved, if not encouraged, by the Institution.”

After a five-month criminal investigation ended in 2013, the local prosecutor declined to seek an indictment.

The Citadel’s investigation, however, concluded “based upon a ├óΓé¼╦£preponderance of evidence” that “certain assaults likely occurred.” They ended up temporarily banning him from campus; now he’s allowed back but his interaction with students is limited.

This is all apparently public record, so why Trump’s people couldn’t find it during the vetting process we have no idea.

Then again, maybe he’s just their kind of leader.

May 3, 2017 3:48pm PDT

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